Antiviral Certification

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  • Introduction
  • Antiviral Certification
  • What is antiviral certification?
  • A reputable testing institute conducts a test evaluation of the antiviral performance and safety of surface quarantine household products, and the test report issued by the Antiviral Certification Center of The Korea Testing Inspection Certification Association(KOTICA) certifies the antiviral performance through a strict review.
  • Virus vs Bacteria
  • Unlike cells, viruses are prone to proliferation and mutation when they penetrate the host's interior and cause secondary infections, so quarantine in daily life is important.
바이러스(Virus) 세균(Bacteria)
Size 0.02~0.2μm (50~100 times smaller than bacteria) 1~5㎛
Structure An intermediate form between living organisms and microorganisms consisting of DNA, RNA, proteins, and nucleic acids. Microorganisms composed of cell membrane, nucleus, DNA, and RNA materials
Propogation Parasites that need a host to live Independent living organisms
Therapy Antiviral / parasitic organism, so it is difficult to develop vaccines or treatments due to mutation. Since it is an antibiotic / complete body, it does not mutate easily, so it is easier to develop therapeutics than viruses
Disease incidence Even a small amount (10 to 100) can cause the disease. Disease can occur only when more than a certain amount (hundreds to millions) of bacteria are present.
Disease Influenza (flu), HIV (AIDS), Ebola (hemorrhagic fever), Corona, SARS, MERS (pneumonia), Noro (food poisoning) Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis), Mycobacterium leprosy (Hansen's disease), Mycobacterium Yersinia pestis (black death), Salmonella-typhoid (food poisoning)
  • The need for antiviral certification
  • Various virus transmission routes
  • - Importance of daily quarantine (droplet spread, surface contact)
  • Demand for quarantine
    household goods surges
  • - Rapid growth in the market
      due to COVID-19
  • Absence of specialized testing
    and evaluation institutions
  • - Lack of domestic antiviral
      performance evaluation infrastructure
  • Insufficient evaluation
    and certification standards
  • - Absence of domestic verification
      standards and certification standards for
      developed materials and products
  • Expectation Effectiveness
  • ■  Securing market competitiveness
  • ■  Technology Development and Quality Improvement
  • ■  Market expansion and export increase
  • ■  Reduction of overseas certification costs and test costs
  • ■  Provision of antiviral product certification service for household products
  • ■  Prevention of misuse of product certification through thorough follow-up management
  • ■  Solving the difficulties of antiviral product certification
    · Support for domestic specialized testing institutes and overseas test/certification institutes
  • ■  Resolving consumer awareness confusion
  • ■  Promoting health and the right to know
  • ■  Prevention of false and exaggerated advertisement damage
  • ■  Purchase certified antiviral products
  • Enterprise
  • Consumer

Korea’s only private certification system
for antiviral products
Strengthening the global competitiveness of surface quarantine household products