Statement of Impartiality

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  • Statement of Impartiality
  • The Korea Testing Inspection Certification Association(KOTICA) carries out certification work as a product certification body in accordance with KS Q ISO/IEC 17065 (Conformity Assessment - Requirements for Product, Process and Service Certification Bodies). The relevant employees understand the importance of fairness in performing their work, manage conflicts of interest, and pledge to do their best to ensure objectivity and independence of work and enhance trust, and declare as follows.
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    1. The Korea Testing Inspection Certification Association(KOTICA) performs product certification activities for customers based on fairness and validity.
    2. We are responsible for the impartiality of our certification activities and will not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to undermine impartiality.
    3. We continuously identify risks to the impartiality of certification bodies. This includes all risks arising from the activities of the certification body, its relationships with the certification body or its employees.
    4. We do our best to devise ways to eliminate or minimize risks once the risks to fairness are identified.
    5. The vice chairman guarantees fairness.
    6. A department performing product certification work, a related department, and an organization performing product certification consignment work shall not perform the following tasks.
    - If you are the designer, manufacturer, installer, distributor, or manager of a certified product
    - the act of providing advice to a client
    - If the certification scheme requires evaluation of the client's management system, providing management system advice or internal audit to the client.
    7. We ensure confidentiality and legal responsibility for all customer information learned through product certification activities.
    8. We ensure that external organizations that carry out the entrusted work of product certification do not damage the fairness of certification activities.
    9. We comply with the laws and regulations related to the operation of the KOLAS accredited product certification authority and carry out continuous improvements to ensure the suitability and effectiveness of the management system.
    10. We do not make marketing or suggestions to customers in connection with the activities of specific organizations that provide advice.
    11. We take steps to prepare for any risks to impartiality that we become aware of arising from people, organizations or the activities of organizations.
    12. All internal and external personnel, certification committees, and fairness committees that may affect certification activities act fairly.
  • 8th May 2023
  • Vice-chairman of KOTICA