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Statement of Quality Policy

The Antiviral Certification Center establishes and declares quality policies to ensure fairness, transparency, accuracy, reliability, and sustainability of work according to the operation of the management system as follows.

Quality Policies and Objectives

□ Quality Policy

- Perform fair certification work.

- We carry out certification work trusted by product suppliers and product consumers.

□ Quality Objectives

- Successfully perform product certification system operation.

- Continuously manage to secure reliable product certification results.

Will to Practice

- Establish a communication system for centers, departments, teams, and team members, implement management policies, and clarify and document organizational responsibilities and authorities. Additionally, we develop and maintain a smooth and natural work system.

- All activities, such as establishing, maintaining, improving, and analyzing effects through review of operation policies to implement quality policies, should be carried out within the quality management system.

- The Chairman shall not exert any commercial, financial and other pressures which may affect the outcome of the certification process.

- The quality manager has organizational independence and is responsible for establishing, implementing, maintaining and managing a quality system to achieve quality policies and objectives.

- The association will faithfully fulfill all requirements of KS Q ISO/IEC 17065 and laws related to national certification bodies, and if it deviates from it, the association is responsible for all responsibilities.

8th May 2023

Vice-chairman of KOTICA